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How To Care  

Home and Daily Care Tips for Human Hair Extensions

For Human Hair Products such as Extensions, Top Piece, Wigs, etc.:
The human hair product gets dust, dart, dried and damaged while you are wearing it just like your own hair. Caring the human hair product well keeps the life of the hair longer and healthy, otherwise, they will become bad condition soon and start to be dried and tangled.

Especially For Clip Hair Products such as Extensions:
Clip hair extensions are not normally designed to wear while you are sleeping in the night. So, we would recommend you to take it off from your hair/head before you sleep and care it by your hands individually and gently referring the following instruction. (The following instructions are mostly for Tape hair extension, but you can get the points of care from it.)

Especially For Tape, Glue and Weft Type Hair Extensions:
These hair extensions are designed for long term use like 1 month to 3 months without taking off from your hair/head. So, caring the hair is very important for your comfort, and please follow the instruction below to keep their life longer and healthy.

How to care Tape Hair Extension

1. Shampoo

 Step 1. Before taking a bath or shower, brush your hair and extensions carefully to untangle completely. (Otherwise, the tangles will damage the extensions)

 Step 2.  While washing your hair or taking a shower, gently comb through the hair with a hand-comb from the root to tip.

 Step 3.   Apply treatment onto hair; starting 4 inches from the root to the tips and comb through gently. Once the application is complete, let it set for a couple of minutes and wash it off gently. *Do not force the comb through the wet hair or the hair will tear!

 Step 4.  Pour shampoo onto the palm of your hand and produce foam.  Lather the shampoo onto the roots of your hair, while massaging the scalp.

 * It's not necessary to use a special shampoo to care our hair extension products. You can use your usual shampoo, standard or common shampoo. If you would like to find better one than common shampoo, please check our shampoo line-up too.

For the hair tips and extensions, apply foam lightly with a hand-comb, this should be enough to remove any dirt build up.  *If any hair styling products were used on the hair, gently apply foam on the hair (from root to tip) with a hand-comb and rinse. Please repeat this process a few times if hair spray was used.

If no styling product was applied on your hair, the contamination of the hair is normally dust or dirt from the air, so the contamination on the tip area can be washed away easily by taking a shower. On the other hand, the contamination on the root/scalp area is hard to wash away unless using shampoo, to be sure that any dandruff and oils from sebum and hormones are removed.

 Step 5.  Apply treatment onto hair; starting 4 inches from the root to the tips and comb through gently, starting from the tips to ensure all tangles are removed.  The treatment is for both your own hair and the extensions.

 * You will have better results, if you wear a steamed towel on your hair while the treatment is in or leave the treatment in your hair for a longer period of time!

* Be sure to completely wash away the treatment from the scalp and roots, and gently rinse the tips leaving a little treatment on the ends of your hair.  Your hair creaks, and the effect of treatment is disappeared if you wash it away completely.

 * If you like to put your hair up when it is still wet, please be sure to use a hair clip rather than a hair tie or band.

To make your hair ready and easy to style, use a shampoo, a deep treatment and/or spray treatment containing a lot of moisture retention components!

2. Blow (Towel-Dry and Hair Dryer)

 Step 1.  Ensure you gently squeeze out any extra moisture from the wet hair after the shampoo and treatment.

 Step 2.  Use a towel and gently grasp the hair from middle to the tips, and rub the scalp gently using the fingertips.

 Step 3.  Once the excess moisture is removed, comb the hair starting from the tips and with a towel remove any additional moisture from the hair (if needed).

 Step 4.  Evenly apply a moisturizing leave in treatment, or silicon coating product, on the tips of your own hair and on the hair extensions.

 Step 5.  Please place a dryer above your head or hair all the time to aim and blow. Comb through the hair with a hand-comb from the root to tip while blow drying. We recommend to wait until the hair is about 60% dry before you start using a brush during the blow drying process.

*Please do not blow dry the hair from below/under the hair, because it will cause the hair to tangle. Instead blow dry the hair from top to bottom, matching the direction of the hair growth.

3. Styling

It is very important to ensure your hair and extensions are completely dry before using a curling/flat iron. It is a good idea to lightly apply a blow drying lotion which will help to keep a curl and avoid any damage to the hair. However, please dry the product with a blow dryer before using an iron.  If you applied too much product prior to using an iron the hair will get damaged.

Doing back-comb (cowlick) and/or ironing too much will cause damage to both the extension and your own hair. *Especially avoid the back-comb (cowlick) as much as possible because it causes tangles and tearing of the hair.

4. Please note while Sleeping

Creating a braid with dried hair before going bed helps to avoid getting any tangles and damage to the hair.   It will also help with styling in the morning.

 * Hair gets damaged a lot while sleeping.  The constant rubbing against a pillow causes tangles and tearing of the hair, therefore it is better to bundle your hair to a piece before going to bed even if you don't have any extensions.